Sleep Talk Recorder Review App to Record Your Voice During Sleep

Sleep Talk Recorder

Sleep Talk Recorder is a simple application that is still a lot of fun. You open it when you go to bed, a preset timer counts down (waiting for you to fall asleep ) and records ambient sound while you sleep. Keep all parts of the recording that are stronger than a certain size, which […]

TempoRun Review – A Music App For Running


TempoRun is a new application that categorizes fitness music library into different performance levels based on intervals tempo songs. When users select a specific level, the songs have similar rhythms to match their pace. The application starts with the basic level 1 walk and going all the way to a career full speed at level […]

9 Healthy Foods to Keep Your Fats Low

Healthy Food

If you are trying to lose weight, avoid the frozen, prepared, and often expensive diet meals and instead hit up the produce, grain and fish sections of the grocery store. These super foods  are not just filling and can help you manage your weight, but offer numerous health benefits as well. Read: 3 Easy Ways to Reduce […]

What is Tension and How to Remain Calm

Teresa Palmer

What is Tension? Certain incidents make us so tense that our blood vessels reach a bursting point because of them. Most often we get flustered that our limbs begin to tremble. The heart throbs so loudly that a person even standing one foot away can hear it clearly. We experience fear so strong and inexplicable […]

3 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Cholesterol Level


The lifestyle of today is such that people always have too many balls in air and are competing with time. However that is no excuse to eat junk food on the go all the time. It leads to obesity and high cholesterol level which are harmful for health. Even though awareness regarding this has been […]

What are the Health Benefits of Almonds


Almonds are the healthiest among nuts family you can get, actually a seed. They belong to the group of prunus, a variety of trees and shrubs, which also includes families of apricots, cherries, plums and peaches. Adding almonds to your diet adds more than great taste and crunch. Almonds are originally found in North Africa, Western […]

How Use of Tranquilizers and Sleeping Pills Can Cause Sleep Disorders

Tranquilizers and sleeping pills

Tranquilizer are  one of the most common forms of getting better sleep. People who want to have good sleep but find it difficult to do so due to any reason take the sleeping pills. Minor tranquilizers include Valium or Xanax and sleeping pills like Ambien or Sonata have the same effect. For the short duration […]

How to Deal with Stress and Anxiety

Stressed Woman

What is Stress Stress is a normal response of a person to a state of imbalance. That is, when something is “off” or not feeling well, your body physically reacts to external stimuli. Stress, in itself, is not intended to be positive or negative, is only intended to be a physical response to excessive stimuli. […]

Top 10 Reasons Why You Feel Tired All the Time

Tired Woman in Office

Most of us know that if you do not get enough sleep, we are bound to be dragging the next day, but if you are scoring 8 or 9 hours a night of sleep and still be dragging every day, it’s time to consider some other reasons might be tired all the time. There are […]

Top 10 Meatless High Protein Low Fat Foods

Peanut Butter

Proteins are the main structural component of muscle and other body tissues, and are used to produce hormones, enzymes and hemoglobin. Adequate intake of protein is essential for the growth and repair of body cells, normal functioning of the muscles, the transmission of nerve impulses and immunity. The protein can also be used as energy, […]